Children at Montana Kids are encouraged to participate in active learning with the understanding that children learn most when they are allowed to explore, be creative, follow their interests, and play! Children will have one to two hours of free time inside and at least one hour devoted to outdoor free play, depending on weather.

Indoor choices include exploring their classroom library, building blocks, cars and transportation, art, other table projects and so on. 

Outside, we have a large grassy fenced play area with swing sets, sandboxes, climbing structures, and many toys. Strollers are available for walking around the neighborhood year-round. Additionally, we have some seasonal outdoor options: in summer, we offer a riding toy and bike area, and in winter, children use the north hill for sledding!  Another perk for the young developing minds at Montana Kids is our beautiful garden area for the children to learn about and participate in growing a variety of plants. Some of the vegetables that are grown even get used in their meals; Such a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about where their food comes from. We strongly believe in the importance of outdoor exploration and strive to take the children out each day. 

Though free play and exploration is essential for child development, we recognize the importance of a structured curriculum as well. Every morning, in every classroom, caregivers and children gather for circle time. This time serves as an opportunity to present and explore special topics in the areas of literacy, sign-language, math, and science—along with plenty of talking and singing and discussion, of course!

Parents also receive a weekly newsletter from your child’s caregivers detailing the specific topics covered during the week, what to look for in the weeks to come as well as ways you can assist at home. For more in depth information on our curriculum please contact us and request a 'New Parent Booklet.'
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